Payroll is a central function of running any business, and having an accounting professional on hand helps owners and managers fulfill this objective while keeping their focus on more demanding concerns. Contact us today for assistance with your payroll needs.


Payroll can be conducted in one of two ways: either live or after-the-fact. Live payroll involves drafting records as employee work hours and changes in withholdings are presented. While it makes for easier and accurate recordkeeping, the time it takes to routinely create these records is often too high a cost for a company owner to pay.

Our New Jersey firm prefers to conduct after-the-fact payroll. In this method, you send our accountants employee hours, wages, and withholdings after you have paid them. We then take this information and add it to your employee records, basing your payroll tax returns off of these documents. After-the-fact payroll demands fewer resources than live payroll, allowing you to spend your money and attention on running your business.


Payroll taxes are one of the most common financial obligations expected of business owners. Like other tax returns, there are appropriate legal methods to reduce tax liability in planning for and filing these documents.

In addition to collecting your business' payroll information and records, Feeney Accounting, CPA's, P.C. also prepares and file your payroll tax returns. We accurately report amounts earned and withholdings, helping your company stay in complete compliance with the IRS. We make sure to send the payments and returns on time fitting these within the yearly and quarterly schedules as needed.

Feeney Accounting provides payroll tax planning and preparation as part of our complete accounting service package. We help you find your eligible deductions and set up the strategy necessary to effectively reduce liability. Planning ahead with our firm helps you save money and time.